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The successful candidate will provide professional support to public procurement processes for services and supplies in accordance with current Italian public procurement legislation and with company policy. In particular, she/he will follow the preparation and management of all administrative preparatory acts and consequent execution of the procedures for public tenders, contracts, services and supplies. Specifically, the candidate, in according with corporate planning, will arrange for the preparation of acts for the implementation of the administrative body determinations, the preparation of tenders, invitations to tender and related publications, letters of invitation and requests of offers, analysis of offers, general checks for selection of competitors and for the fulfillment of the necessary requirements, preparation of tender report, award notices and subsequent formalities, preparation of contracts. She/he will also manage relationships with Italian and foreign suppliers. The candidate should have a master degree in Law, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration or a related discipline together with preferably a proven experience of at least 2 years in in the following fields: Italian Procurement Law implementing purchase contracts and supply agreements; Italian public sector compliance and non-compliance rules; Preparation, reviewing and acceptance of technical terms and conditions in public procurements; Good time management skill and ability to prioritize are expected together with good problem-solving and analytical skills. Good oral and written communication skills, both in English and in Italian, is required.
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Riva Grumula 10/D - 34123 - Trieste (TS)